Customers Drive Mark Hurd to Make Oracle a Bigger Success

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"We live in a day and age of online shopping, which frequently makes the consumer nothing more than a number, either their customer number or the order number. While many companies seek to try to make the experience of shopping more personal in the Internet age, this is been a challenge for most organizations, especially when you’re talking about selling product where creating warm fuzzy feelings isn’t a major priority.

Hardware and software development and sales is one such example. Most people who are buying a computer or software package are doing so because the salesman was a nice person. The customer has an idea of what he or she wants and all they are looking for is to make their purchase and to start using their device or program.

However, one executive believes that the experience with customers is a key part of not only retaining those customers but making his own company better. This is the attitude of Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

To understand why Oracle is such a success, it starts with the fact that Hurd actually likes meeting with and talking with customers. When you’re the executive of the $37 billion company, it would seem that it would be difficult to sit down with customers to discuss their interests and concerns. However, Hurd considers this a joy. He loves sitting with consumers so he can more fully understand them and get to know their needs.

In response, customers have found him to be a humorous and enjoyable person to be around. Someone who was always in good spirits, and makes them feel like they are valued as customers.

There are many CEOs that consider the customer in such a personal way, but this is part of what makes Oracle such a wonderful company. They provide great technology, but they also care about consumers.

Croydon Can Be Your New Home

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "removal companies"Croydon is known to be a restless London borough with a large population and a city within a city center, Croydon town. Here, life can be as positive as it sounds, with a tram system transportation and a mix between the 60s looking buildings and the modern ones. There are also job opportunities and great schools for the kids. Why would you say no to that?

Who is there to help you with the moving process?

There are highly professional companies of removals in Croydon. They have the best offer for your needs and professional employees to get the job done. You only have to choose what kind of package suits you best. The one in which you pack your own things or the one where they pack it for you and also unpack it when it arrives at the destination. Their coverage is national and international, UK, Europe and worldwide. You don’t have to worry about the transport because it is well insured. An estimated cost can be viewed on their website, but a real final cost can be obtained after the visit of one of their estimators.

What should you do now?

Choose the moving location, get your phone and call the reputed removal company for a package offer and a price and get started. They collect your goods from your current location, supply special covers for protection of flat screen TVs and sofas, protect your carpets, dismantle and reassemble beds, deliver you goods to your new address and place them where you told them to. This is the best offer you can get for a removal. Take a chance and see for yourself what a discussion with this company will provide you. Your things are very Important.

Snapchat Users Beware, Spy Snapchat Is Here

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "snapchat"When Snapchat was first introduced, many users have downloaded it and started using it with the promise of tight security and really secured content that makes “puff” after a few seconds. It was a great deal between the messaging apps that existed on the market. The truth was not so pink after all. There has been a breach in Snapchat’s security and the deleted content can be now hacked.

Find the information you need only with a simple app

Spy Snapchat is the real deal. When you have doubts about someone close to you like a good friend, spouse or just think that someone from work is saying bad things about you, you can find the truth really easy. A great spy app was developed to serve this purpose. Even if Snapchat deletes the exchanged content a few seconds after it was viewed, you can retrieve it with this app. There is no way to do it better otherwise.

Simple to use

The app is very simple to use. You have to install it on the tablet or phone you want to hack and the rest is a piece of cake. The app can’t be discovered by the owner of the device and it operates quickly revealing the information you are after. It offers you texts, pictures and video exchanged from the device in cause. You can also view the date and time of the chats. Due to the fact that the app works on its own, you only have to verify the content.

Creativity and ingenuity mixed together have created this great app that can eliminate your doubts and show you what you needed to see. You can also monitor call logs, view website history and even track the device’s location through GPS with the same app.

Mistakes That Must Be Avoided While Texting To A Bi Girl

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "texting"In the world of bi girls, texting seems to be one of the common options to have a relationship with another beautiful woman. No matter whether you’ve met her on some dating site or at a club, you have to secure your relationship only with daily texting. So, if you’ve made mistakes while sending text or messages to someone, there is a possibility of breakup or cracks in relationship. Usually, the following errors are made by the women, who are using some bi meiden chat room on the web world.

Attraction or simple response- It’s confusion

Before having the first date or encounter with any woman, she may not realize your connection with you. Whenever you receive any response or text from a bi girl, you feel that she wants to become intimate to you. However, this is a very wrong concept, found among many daters. It is to be remembered that you are not the only person, who is having text from the girl.

No fun in texting

While you deliver any boring or uninteresting message, which never reveals your qualities or clarifies any emotion, she may not value you. She can think that it is not worthy to meet you directly. So, choose those words, which communicate fun. A little exaggeration of your text is not bad to grab one’s attention.

Long conversations while texting

Real-life conversation is never same as that of texting. Thus, if your message is much long, then you may mess up all the things. Each of the texts, sent by you, may be compared to a step to reach the top part of staircase.

Thus, it is vital to be always careful, while you are delivering some texts to the bi girls, present in online world.

Meet The Right Spouse For Online Dating

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "spouse"Many of us have a mixed experience on online dating. It’s because in some cases, this dating leads to a very positive outcome, while in a few other instances, it causes a negative impact. And this is perhaps one of the reasons due to which the online daters, especially women, are much picky while choosing the partner. However, if you know some rules, you will surely hit the right guy for dating and strong relationship.

Create a list of priorities-

The best strategy is essential prior to implementing your dating plan. There are some guys, who want to have two babies after a gap of two to four years. Thus, you have to find out the specific desires of the chosen person.

Know the traits-

You have perhaps considered some characteristics, which should be presented in your mate. And then, you can relate those traits with your past relationship. It is natural that if the dater, whom you have chosen, has maximum number of desired traits he may become your possible life partner.

Make your language optimistic-

In a research, it has been found that some words, like happy or fun, may make dating profile much popular to others. Speak about everything, which stimulates you and creates a positive image.

Promote yourself as far as possible-

You may have built up your profile in more than one dating site. However, it is better to avoid reusing the photos, which have already been posted in those profiles. It is essential to know about your audiences and the way of attracting them.

Do not make profile too long-

Short concise profile works best for you. Most of the profiles of online daters are quite short, and you may also follow this smart rule.

So, develop your profile at gratis datingsite in a perfect way.

Relationship Mantra

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "happy couple"Do you ever feel like there should be something of a book or guidelines to follow whenever need be in your relationships to handle the crazy emotions you have been filling yourself with? All those internet forums filled with relationship advices and success mantras seem much better to follow rather than your own gut feelings. Although there is no right or wrong in the way you express yourself to a third person, it might need a little nourishing and care to deal with in some extreme cases. It is a way to create good vibes and warmth in your relationship so that both of you feel satisfied enough with each other. You doing and following all these things in a way lets the other partner know that you want to work on your relationship as much as you can because it carries the ‘utmost priority’ in your life besides your own dreams and ambitions. Just keep it in a natural and raw manner as much as you can to feel the love you were hoping for all your life.

Sit down with each other on a quiet Saturday evening, drink a cup of good wine or coffee or a datingsite and do special things for her, something out of the box which makes her go aw for you. Show your love for the other partner in ways she or he can never imagine. Building a wall of trust between your little bubbles of happiness is the key to a successful relationship. Show your heart out whenever the moment comes and keep the communication line between the two of you always open for each other. Caring and sharing is the most important thing in a relationship when it comes to making it work for as long as you can.

Do not turn him off! Take the relationship in the right way!

Image associéeHave you found your Mr. Right on the MiSolo website? Do you know there are a lot of things that will turn him off? Especially in a new relationship, you need to be very careful and do not hurt you partner in anyways. There are a lot of things that you may not know about him so do not underestimate and lose the relationship forever.

Do not be outdated! Wearing a heart or carrying a heart symbol is not needed!

If you love him for real, show it in actions and do not just try to impress him by wearing a dress that has a lot of hearts or carrying anything that represents love! He is not more in need of that! A smart guy stays updated all time and does not get carried away by these cheap acts.

Do not downplay the intelligence level!

A smart man always looks for a partner who is smart, bold, courageous and with high intelligence level so do not act like a fool in front of him. It is an old trick that does not work anymore! Keep your personality level high!

Never make him jealous!

Smart man is not jealous at the first place and does not try to act abruptly in terms of making him jealous. Do not flirt with other boys when he is around. Do no show your affection on someone else. Mr. Right might not encourage these acts of your and would simply ignore you and start looking for someone better.

He is not a baby!

The perfect MiSolo you found on the website is not a baby anymore so do not try to pamper him more. Treat him as an adult and a well-behaved man!


You must enjoy the benefits of online dating website!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"With the easy usage of the internet these days, many people are overcoming those traditional barriers and turning to Social media or MiSolo websites to find their true love and get hitched for the lifetime. There are many benefits of using this medium say no location barriers; easy, fast and convenient approach to meet other singles. With everyone busy in their life and no time for social life, this medium offers great advantages. So, let’s have look at some of these:

  • More access to potential partners: The main advantage of online MiSolo is that you get to meet many prospects out of your social circle. It increases your chance of meeting that special someone with similar interests, background and goals which you may not get to meet through your conventional avenues.
  • Easy to approach: Shy and Introverted people can easily approach the other person online and overcome the conservative barriers easily. They can make up their mind beforehand whether the meet the prospects in person or not.
  • Online dating offers prospects to speak up their mind: Often people are hesitant to open up to the strangers not know how they will react to your thoughts or beliefs. Some are also afraid of getting being rejected in person. So, online dating can prove to be a great rescue for people to open up comfortably and feel less embarrassed.
  • More probabilities of compatibility: Online MiSolo offers a great platform for knowing the other person before the first meet. With texts messages, chats, phone conversations etc. you are familiar with their interests, hobbies, family background, beliefs that would help you to decide whether he or she is compatible for you and whether you want to take the relationship to the next level or not.

Well given the advantages, online dating is surely the new and innovative way of meeting that someone special. But, make sure you don’t get carried away in your excitement and do more research before making a choice. Good Luck!

Dating dilemma: Where? What? Lunch? Drinks? Dinner?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Among other questions that run your mind, where to take your partner for the first date is always confusing. So, here are few tips and tricks that will work. Have you been too busy with chatten met vreemden? Have you planned to meet your date? But where? Selecting the potential mate can be easy but finding the place for the first date can be confusing. Hope this helps you!

Lunch Date

If you are going on a blind date, you can prefer lunch with a casual note.  Lunch dates are not more committed like the other dates and if you are going on a blind date with your friend’s friend or a mutual friend, you can prefer a lunch date which will work perfectly. Since the daylight is brought, it will bring a casual mode!

Drinks date

When should you prefer drinks date? Have you discussed your drinking habits to your chatten met vreemden friend? So, here is a wonderful opportunity to drink and talk more about you and your partner. The online date is perfect for a drink date and there if you and your partner share a common interest, you can prefer this place and have great fun together. Drinks need not be a cocktail but it also includes meeting over a cup of coffee or tea as per your partner’s preferences.

Dinner date:

You can prefer a dinner date only when you know the person deeply. There is a lot of commitment involved in dinner date and taking someone for a dinner date needs a lot of respect, love, and understanding. If you know the person very well through chatten met vreemden, you can take them for a dinner date.

On the whole, it is a mutual understanding that works!

Food Substitutes That Will Cut Calories Out of Your Everyday Diet

It has been well documented that if you cut back on your calorie intake, you will lose weight. Here are some easy changes that you can make to your everyday meals that will help you realize real weight loss over time.

For example, take a look at what you are drinking. As 3 week diet real reviews say, you can make substantial calorie reductions with just a few changes. If you were to switch one 8 oz glass of 2% milk for 8 ounces of skim milk, you would save 40 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.

Cappuccinos and lattes cost you more than money. If you substituted a cup of black coffee instead, you would cut anywhere from 80 to 200 calories daily out of your diet. A cup of black coffee has less than one calorie.

Even better, have green tea which, besides also having zero calories, has been proven to increase metabolism and help burn calories. A 2015 study showed that drinking 3 to 4 cups of plain green tea can burn anywhere from 50 to 100 calories per day.

Club soda has zero calories and zero grams of fat. If you drank a can of it instead of regular cola, you would save 144 calories. If you find the taste of club soda too bland, add lemon or lime.

Finally, if you opted for 12 oz of a light beer instead of two 6 oz glasses of wine, you would save 135 calories.

Other simple changes you can make:

  • Substitute ground turkey or chicken for 4 oz of ground beef and you will save around 150 calories and 10 g of fat.
  • Instead of dipping raw vegetables in ranch dressing, use hummus. A ¼ cup of hummus has only 110 calories, 5 g of fat and no cholesterol, compared to 296 calories and 15 g of fat for the same amount of ranch dressing.
  • Instead of snacking on cashews, peanuts or almonds, opt for chestnuts and save 420 calories and 48 g of fat for every 100 g serving.
  • When making scrambled eggs, instead of using two whole eggs use 1 whole egg and two egg whites. You will save 42 calories and lower your cholesterol intake from 426 mgs to 213 mgs.
  • Instead of 1 cup of potato chips, instead have 1 cup of rye crisp bread crackers and save 900 calories and 72 grams of fat.
  • Change 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise for 1 tablespoon of mustard, and you will save 103 calories and 11.7 grams of fat. Plain yellow mustard has zero calories and zero grams of fat.
  • Swap out 2 tablespoons of sour cream for 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and save 40 calories and 5 grams of fat. They taste practically the same.