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  Welcome to bali-designer.com.... a reliable sources to find the most uncommon and unimaginable designs from Bali Indonesia.   
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Floating Stone Art
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Discovery Hall art of Stainless Stell
Discovery Hall artistic nature wood
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Angkul-angkul gallery
The most artistic gallery in BALI, provides the beautiful stone-panels, sculptures, garden-lamps, glass-artwork, and the unusual contemporary unique furnitures...
Design & Art
Han?s Design & Studio
The beautiful artworks most are original piece or very limited edition, some of them are not available couse to couldn?t reproduce anymore by certain reason or the artworks were collected by the VIP clients.
Recommend Company
Han?s Spirit
A trusty company especially produce the contemporary products made of Floating Stone, with the qualified designers and talented craftsmen provides the beautiful furniture, home furnishing accessories and crafts in its characteristic style...
Recommend Product
Life Style lighting-art
An all new innovated design in table lamp with its natural touch could get through your project in familiar and glorious appearence.
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Han's Design & Studio
angkul-angkul gallery
Life Style Lighting Center
Hans Spirit
Bali Deco Glass
Paras Gallery
Java Craft Center
Exhibition Center
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Personal Exhibition >> Mr. Stephen Chen : Theme >> Traditional Inspiration
  Pioneer Design   Architecture   Interior   Landscaping   Furniture   Balinese Door   Artistic Artwork  
Designer: Mr. Stephen Chen Mr. Stephen Chen
Development Result
VIP Customers
Photo Gallery
Mr. Stephen chen is a hard-worker and very creative designer.
for 20 years, Through his “magic-hand” and richness talent,
created thousand and one unimaginable designs....
Idea & Design
Exhibition Center: Idea & Design
Exhibition Center: Masterpiece
Contemporary Product
Exhibition Center: Contemporary Product
Historical Document
Traditional Inspiration
Exhibition Center: Traditional Inspiration
Oriental Inspiration
Exhibition Center: Oriental Inspiration
Event & Exhibition
Exhibition Center: Event & Exhibition
Exhibition Record
1985 - Indonesian Product Exhibition
1986 - Indonesian Craft Exhibition
  - 3rd Building Material & 4th Five Years Development Plan Sejahtera Housing Exhibition
1987 - Cinere Mas Housing Exhibition
  - Indonesian Craft Exhibition
  - Harapan Indah Housing Exhibition
1988 - Indonesian Craft for Interior Exhibition
  - Indonesian House and Interior Exhibition
  - Villa Sawo Housing Exhibition
1989 - Indonesian Furniture Exhibition XV( FURNIFAIR '90)
  - Indonesian Craft for Interior Exhibition II
  - Indonesian Craft Weekly Exhibition II' 89
  - Indonesian Real Estate Exhibition
1990 - Indonesian Craft for Interior Exhibition III
  - Interior Exhibition
  - Bintaro Housing Exhibition
  - Indonesian Real Estate Exhibition
  - Indonesian Ceramic Exhibition
  - Indonesian Orchid Exhibition
  - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition
1991 - Home Accessories Exhibition
  - Indonesian Craft for Interior Exhibition IV
  - Serpong Permai Housing Exhibition
  - Indonesian Export Exhibition
  - Indonesian Furniture Exhibition
1992 - Singapore World Trade Centre
  - Asian International Gift Fair '92
  - Jakarta Art & Design Expo '92
  - Industry Trade & Tourism Expo'92 Exhibition
  - World Trade Centre Surabaya
  - Export Product Exhibition '92 (PPE' 92)
  - Asmat Tribe Exhibition
  - Indonesian Interior Exhibition
1993 - Tokyo International Trade Fair
  - Gelar Rekam Alam Painting Exhibition
  - International Asian Expo 1993
  - Interior Design Expo '93
  - Saresehan Desain Kria
  - Indonesian Craft for Interior Exhibition VI
  - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition (Jakarta)
1994 - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition (Bali)
  - Home Fair 1994
1995 - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition (Hamburg)
  - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition (Amsterdam)
  - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition (London)
  - Indonesian Export Commodity Exhibition (Paris)
1996 - Palm Mas Suwung Housing Exhibition
  - Pemata Gatsu Housing Exhibition
  - Interior & Landscaping Exhibition
1997 - Jimbaran PURI GADING Housing Exhibition
Exhibition Center -- Hall B: ( On Demand )
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Product Exhibition >> Theme >> Commodity Export in Innovated Design
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