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Link Exchange
  Link Exchange Description.

If you have the related website and interested to cooperate with us in doing link exchange, please find out the detail as below.
* Logo Exchange
The logo size must be in 115 x 35 px

This is our Logo link

115 x 35 px

* Text Exchange
This will be our Text Link :
* Description Link (other link)
Title :
Description :
Reliable sources to find the unique
contemporary design in artwork,
furniture, craft and much more
* Various banner link
You could take any of our logo
and banner in any size to display
on your page and vice versa.
For further information or special request,
please do not hesitate to contact us at:

In exchange for your link (text, description or logo) on our link page, we request the following:

- Our link must be prominently displayed on your home page or the link page
   of your site.
- If it is in your link page, there must be a link pointing from your main page
   to your links page.
- No redirect script for our link
- No Link Farms.

Once this is done, please notify us via e-mail and we will publish your link on our site.

Please fill in the form below:
Contact name :
Email :
Your URL :
    Please provide the entire URL and double check
to make sure it is correct.
Title :
    This will be your TEXT LINK. Please do not use ALL capital letters.
Your Logo :
    Just for Logo and Banner link.
If You just prefer to exchange “Text Link”,
please leave this box EMPTY !
Description :
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