Surgical Treatment For Cataract To Restore The Vision

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "blurry eyes"Human lens is made up of proteins and water which are arranged in such a pattern to form the transparent lens. However, when you grow old the formation of protein gets lowered and the protein in the body clumps together to form the clouding of the lens. Some other factors include excessive exposure to prolonged medications, diabetes, high myopia and eye injury. The best treatment for cataract is the surgery. It is the best treatment for removing cataract from the root level and restores the vision of the eyes. In Warszawa, eye clinics are there that provide different types of surgical treatments for cataract.

The surgical process for treating cataract

Incision surgery method and laser surgery are the most common surgical processes for treating the cataract. Contact to the best mavit operacja zaćmy Warszawa for vision restoration by clearing the eye cloud.

Incision surgery: In this type of surgery, two small incisions are made on the cornea of the eye. From the front part of the eye, a viscous material is injected into the eyes. This material enables the eyes to maintain its shape during the surgery to make it easy for the surgeons to perform the surgery.  The opening is created in the natural bag or lens capsule which holds the eye lens. The eye lens is then separated from lens capsule. An ultrasound equipment is used which removes the eye lens by breaking it into small particles. An artificial lens is then inserted on the lens capsule and the incisions are closed.

Laser assisted surgery: It is the advanced and non incision method of treating cataract. In this surgery, a very minute corneal incision is made to access the eye lens and the lens is separated from the lens capsule. Laser beam is used for breaking the eye lens into small particles to be removed from the eye. Artificial lens is placed at the correct position by creating peripheral cornea incision.