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Fountain Art
Let the nature comes
into your home with its
unboring voice & beauty.
  Fountain Art  
  Floating Stone Art
  These beautiful Accessories
were mede of floating stone,
offers the natural touch in
contemporary art...
Floating Stone Art
Floating Stone Art
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Tamin - The artist never tired for creating
the ceramic with his characteristic style...
For him, creating the ceramic is the most exiting work
and becomes undevided part in his life.
For 20 years, he has created uncountable beautiful artworks
and designed a lot of projects worldwide. ....
Albert Albert - The unconstrained art and beauty of glass
  always strongly push me to create more...
He spend a lot of time to research the technology of glass.
and try to create the artworks in his particular design.
Now, his design successfully gained the good popularity both
domestic and worldwide.
“ has supported me a lot in promoting
my new design & products through internet”. he said.
See also
Stephen Chen
“Art is my second life, without art, my life means nothing”
“I like nature, I want to develop
the natural stuff into my design.”
What’s New » Page : Homepage Designer
Budi - An architect who has a good talent rendering
the detail of architecture in Balinese style...

He is working as a designer in cosulting company Denpasar-Bali.
His mainly job is designing the villas and deluxe housing.

“ I am so attracted by the beautiful Balinese architecture,
and I always try my best to render the design as detail as possible.
I could gained the biggest satisfaction if my clients could finely
understanding my work...” he said.

Yanti - Today, her highly loyal and responsible in job pushed her to jump-up
from employer becomes one of the Director and Share holder in the company...
When she gained the title of Interior Designer from Udayana University
Jimbaran- Bali In 1996, she took the decision to join with the Designers
Team of Country Interior - Bali and ten years later, she became the chief
designer in that company until now...
More Artist & Designer
Budiman Sutrisno,B.A.E
Budiman Sutrisno,B.A.E
“The artist always concern to
the quality of Products”.
Nyoman Toya
Nyoman Toya
“The inspiration always come
from the undressbeauty”.
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